Custom Japanese Planes

Fri, Jul 1, 2022

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Custom Japanese Planes

We offer only the finest Japanese planes in all sizes and types. Each order is custom made, and lead times vary from 12 weeks to 48 weeks. We do not offer Japanese plane irons separately without a dai (sole), unless you show competency in making one. While appears to be simple, a dai requires special attention on each and every contact surface, constituting a project that we do not typically recommend for beginner woodworkers.

We typically recommend using our Zen-Wu tool steel, ZW-V1 or ZW-V2 as the cutting edge, laminated to a titanium alloy blade body for shock and vibration absorption. However, brass body is another popular option with great performance and aesthetics. Please refer to our tool steel discussion to select the your desired cutting edge material.

On top of age old designs, many of our plane blades are equipped with a decorative honing guide for quickly create a 3° back micro bevel.

Our planes vary in price depending on the customization, and we keep the price as close to the production cost as possible. A small plane (e.g. Sun-San) starts at USD 226 and a large plane (e.g. Sun-Pachi) can reach roughly USD 300. We recommend this article for further reading on Japanese plane sizes and more. We generally recommend a Sun-Roku for your first plane and an all-around plane.

plane plane Japanese planes in their boxes plane


Please visit our Instagram and Youtube channel for videos on more variations of planes. We are also happy to answer any question you have through email.