Our Mission

Handwork is an integral component of human expression and cultural heritage, but it has seen an unprecedented decline in the recent century. We have unconditional love for traditional tools, and we believe modern technologies should not replace them but augment our beloved tools and make them more robust and pleasant to use. In making only the best tools, we have seen more and more woodworkers drawn back to woodworking traditions around the globe and enjoy that smooth shaving flying out from planes. When you see the smile on their faces, it is almost magical.

Best Product First

We believe in delivering the best product we can possibly conceive, rather than concede to any machining or other processing limits. We spend months refining the smallest detail. We must say we are not against automation, but due to current technological limits in numerical control and robotics, much of our requirements are only satisfied by hand. The result is that most of our products are done almost entirely by hand. It is due to necessity rather than nostalgia and grit, because we can only ship the best product.


We are often truly fascinated by woodworking ingenuities around the world, which we consider the pinnacle of the traditional wisdom in material, tooling, and structural design. Therefore, we are honored to support the continuation of tools worldwide. We would shed tears when people repurpose our products for tools of their own culture, and we always feel like we could do more. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have suggestions for tools that deserve to be revived.

Guaranteed Results

We want each and every woodworker to enjoy their shop time. Even if you never purchased our tools, we are more than happy to provide help on trouble shooting your planes and other tools to the best of our abilities. You are also welcome to inquire about custom parts for your beloved antique tools, we are always delighted to see an old tool get a new life.

Responsible Growth

We want to truly empower the communities of craftspeople that bring these fantastic tools to you. That’s why we invest heavily into our benefits, physical and mental health, and our education and learning programs. We tolerate young and new craftsperson to make mistakes. We also value craftsperson's own compassion towards the work, so we respect artistic expression wherever it does not compromise performance.

Everything for

A Better Woodworking Community

We reinvest our profit into tool development and research in order to push hand tools to new fronts. We also like to facilitate new woodworkers, young or old, to get started; so please ask about our educational discount program and sharpening services. Some of our tools come with life-time sharpening services for free! We are also happy to help you with sharpening tools from other makers.