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Our Promise

Zen-Wu (参物) Toolworks is for every woodworker who believes that tools shouldn't just do the job right, they should also feel so good in the hand that they give you chills. We studied and refined the fundamental hand tools for decades and produce tools with NO compromises. All our tools are lifetime warrantied and finished ready for use. Made in China.

Tools We Offer

Zen-Wu offers the most foundational woodworking tools, such as planes, hammers, chisels, hatchets and most importantly, plane blades.

We offer Chinese, Japanese and Western style hand plane blades with performances that exceeds that of all modern counterparts. Plane sole or dai (台) may be available upon request, lead times vary from 12 weeks to 48 weeks.

We offer a suite of woodworking essentials including planes, hammers, hatchets, straight edges, diamond stones and chisels. All striking tools are made from vibration absorbing titanium alloy as the base.

Why Hand Tools

Handwork is an integral component of human expression and cultural heritage, but it has seen an unprecedented decline in the recent century. We have unconditional love for traditional tools, and we believe modern technologies should not replace them but augment our beloved tools and make them more robust and pleasant to use. In making only the best tools, we have seen more and more woodworkers drawn back to woodworking traditions around the globe and enjoy that smooth shaving flying out from planes. When you see the smile on their faces, it is almost magical.

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