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Zen-Wu Toolworks

Zen-Wu Z-1 Straight Edge

Zen-Wu Z-1 Straight Edge

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The Zen-Wu Straight Edge is the essential tool for maintaining the accuracy and precision of your plane and other flat surfaces. Designed with a durable and stress-free aluminum-magnesium alloy, this straight edge provides a gentle and secure method for checking the flatness of your plane sole, ensuring that every tune-up is smooth and precise.

One side of the straight edge comes with a notch for allowing checking sole of planes with a protruding blade, the other side can be used to check other flat surfaces and alignments.

    The straight edge undergoes three stages of heat treatment to eliminate stress during raw material preparation, rough machining, and finishing. Its surface features a black hard anodized layer with a film thickness of 30 microns and a surface hardness of approximately HRC60.

    The blade straightness tolerance is 0.007 mm (less than 0.3 thou), with a surface finish of RA=0.06µm

    Comes with a hand-stitched leather case.

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