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Zen-Wu Toolworks

Zen-Wu Plane Blade (for metallic planes)

Zen-Wu Plane Blade (for metallic planes)

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New and updated design (dovetail lamination) and steel.

Our plane blades is designed to fit seamlessly with a wide range of Bailey/Stanley-style planes, both old and new.

At the heart of our design is the use of Zen-Wu tool steel in our laminated structure, a choice that sets us apart from the competition and ensures that your cuts are always crisp and smooth.

Our ZW-V0 blade has a 4.3mm thickness, comes with a 2.7mm thick chipbreaker. Our Magnacut blade has a 4.0mm thickness, comes with a 3.0mm thick chipbreaker. 

If you have an old Stanley, depending on the era of production, some of the really old ones will require slight filing of the mouth to allow for a thicker blade.

Seamlessly fit into bailey-style planes made by Lie-Nielsen, Veritas, WoodRiver, Clifton etc.

Flat-bevel and ready to shave out of the box.

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