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Zen-Wu Extra-Large Diamond Stone

Zen-Wu Extra-Large Diamond Stone

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Getting ready for your next planing competition? Our precision diamond plate is here to get your water stone completely flat. The plate is 18mm (~3/4”) thick aluminum alloy base precisely milled on six sides, chamfered on all edges, with

  • dimensions: 300 x 85 x 18mm (substantially larger than standard flattening stones)

  • 12µm (< 0.5 thou) flatness tolerance

The main surface features a 240 grit diamond matrix for flattening water stones. Diamond stone face is convex by 5 µm (< 0.2 thou) to prevent water stone being slightly convex after flattening. The underside features a completely flat surface (sand paper not included). The stone also comes with 2mm thick soft silicone anti-skid pad.

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