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Zen-Wu Toolworks

Zen-Wu Z-0 Straight Edge

Zen-Wu Z-0 Straight Edge

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Introducing the Zen-Wu Straight Edge – the essential tool for maintaining the accuracy and precision of your plane and other flat surfaces. Designed with a durable and stress-free aluminum-magnesium alloy, this straight edge provides a gentle and secure method for checking the flatness of your plane sole, ensuring that every tune-up is smooth and precise.

The blade style straight edge comes with a notch for allowing checking sole of planes with a protruding blade. Our straight edge dimension:

  • 450 x 40 x 10mm (~15-3/4” x 1-9/16” x 3/8”)

Made with aluminum-magnesium alloy with brushed finish, with nano-titanium anti-fingerprint coating. Smooth bevels with no burs, straightness tolerance under 12µm (< 0.5 thou). Will not rust nor bend over time.

Discontinued, making way for Z-1 Straight Edge.

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