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Zen-Wu Chinese-style Planes

Zen-Wu Chinese-style Planes

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Blade Width and Body Length

We offer Chinese planes of blade width in 44mm (1¾") and 51mm (2"). We offer three body lengths:

  • Smoother: 180mm - 220mm (approx. 7” - 8 ⅝”)
  • Jack: 250mm - 350mm (approx. 9 ¾” - 13¾”)
  • Jointer: 380mm - 450mm (approx. 15” - 17 ¾”)

You can specify your own length within the range! For instance, you can request for a specific length between 180mm and 220mm if you order a smoother.

If not specified, we will ship the maximum length for your selected option. For example, we will ship 450mm if you order a jointer without adding any comment to your order. 

Our Chinese planes feature a stabilized bamboo-leaf oak body and our ZW-V0 edge.

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