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Zen-Wu Toolworks

Zen-Wu F-2 Hammer (Special Edition)

Zen-Wu F-2 Hammer (Special Edition)

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Introducing the F-2 Hammer - a hammer that represents the ideal balance between power and precision in woodworking. This Japanese-style hammer has a weight of only 450 (~16 oz), yet it is capable of delivering a strike as powerful as a 24oz steel hammer, but with significantly less recoil shock. This makes it a versatile tool that is perfect for quick and precise adjustments in your workshop.

Made with a shock-resistant titanium alloy body, the F-2 Hammer harmoniously blends the raw power of a traditional hammer with the delicate touch of a precision instrument. Whether you’re chiseling, driving nails, or fine-tuning your planes, the F1 Hammer will provide a steady and robust strike, allowing you to complete any task with ease.

The use of titanium alloy in the F-2 Hammer’s construction also ensures that it is rust-resistant, freeing you to take your tool with you into the great outdoors and tackle any job, regardless of the conditions.

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